To the Bone
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To the Bone

It must be recognized that a thin red line separates a good from a bad movie when dealing with a disease with sensitivities to the surface. And in  Devil’s Gate To the bone not only parents do not know how to address the anorexia of their children, society itself is not comfortable because it brings out all the evils of the obsession with perfect bodies and coexistence with our insecurities. Here the main handicap would be to imply that anorexia can be something “cool”. It would be the worst of errors. An unforgivable mistake that To the bone does not commit.

In addition, it would be unfair to demand that the production of Netflix give an answer to all the open questions about anorexia that medicine and psychiatry have not yet dared to close. It would be like asking a film about alcoholism or drugs to give the keys to cure such addictions. To the bone is just a movie based on the eating disorder of the director herself. No more no less.

Undoubtedly, the strong point of To the bone lies in the coexistence of seven young people (one boy and six girls) in the residence without doors or locks of Dr. William Beckam, played by Keanu Reeves. The strange rules of the house give more than enough to go beyond what is allowed in a conventional hospital. One, it only deals with people who want to live. Two, it is forbidden to talk about food because it is boring and does not help. Swiss Army Man Three, it is not compulsory to eat, but you have to sit at the dining table. And four, you must endure a minimum of 6 weeks for the treatment to be effective.

But let’s focus on the food. Asking someone why he does not eat is the worst possible tactic if that person counts the calories of all the foods on his plate. This will never give you the answer you expect and, rebound, you will lose your confidence without even beginning to empathize. The only thing you will achieve is to carry more Triple 9 guilt behind your back: “I’m sorry. I am no longer a person. I’m a problem and it’s all my fault, “Ellen says before hitting bottom.

Duration: 107 min


IMDb: 6.9

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To the Bone
To the Bone
To the Bone
To the Bone