The Unthinkable
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The Unthinkable

Especially now that Alex has realized how he can capitalize on his attitude to life, Sweden is unfortunately attacked by an unknown power. This power uses The Week Of a novel nerve drug against the population, which leads to an immediate loss of memory. For this reason, many memoryless Swedes are driving their cars into the soundtrack of booming drumbeats, dropping helicopters and government buildings explode somewhere in the background. Alex, the misunderstood pianist, his naive, big-eyed childhood sweetheart (Lisa Henni), her career-obsessed ministerial mother (Pia Halvorsen) and his choleric conspiracy theorist father (Jasper Barkselius) with the heart of gold now spend the rest of the film with them, looking for each other to run past each other. Since it is only practical that the rain seems to affect them less than the rest of the population. And then there is also the military man of childhood sweetheart (Krister core) and their daughter (Lo Lexfors), but actually only there, so Alex can be injured because the woman of his dreams has not waited 13 years motionless for his return ,

It turns out that the conspiracy theorist father was always right: it was the Russians! The Unthinkable would like to create a provocative story with current political relevance. Darc Unconsciously he does that too. In an almost admirable act of performance, the film meets a core of the problems of 2018, in which all want to be victims. The rich Sweden, which is currently moving frighteningly to the right, is under attack from a globalized world. Apparently, it’s so scary that the movie does not help but staging it with a neurotoxin that attacks the core of identity – the memories, the basis of home, tradition, and a set of values. The blame for this destruction can be passed on perfectly to the king of the dark side of the Internet: Vladimir Putin personally.

What is expressed here is not the satirical fate of a clairvoyant analysis of the current political situation, but the blending of all diffuse fears of loss of identity, Josie nourished by the conspiracy theories that are getting more and more popular through and through the Internet than ever before. This is paired with the personal ordeal of a young man who suffers from the fact that the world does not recognize his lack of interest in her as a sign of his wounded soul. Instead of liberating himself from this situation through open communication, he seeks to blame everyone else. The film shows very clearly which problems we are facing, but he does not understand them unfortunately.

Duration: 129 min


IMDb: 7.2

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The Unthinkable
The Unthinkable