The Stolen Princess
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The Stolen Princess

The princesses of the animated films have been fleeing for a while more from the classic stories and archetypes than from the witches and their curses. And Viper Club at a time when animation studios emphasize damsels who are really ogres or brave warriors, the anomaly is to find tapes like the Ukrainian The Enchanted Princess that takes us back to the traditional story.

The story is based on the fairy tale Ruslan and Lyudmila, by the Russian writer Aleksandr Pushkin. It is the time of the kingdoms, steed heroes and an immovable social system Alpha in which the destiny of each person was marked before being born. But on the one hand, a humble young man dreams of being a brave knight, instead of traveling from town to town presenting unsuccessful shows and plays. On the other hand, the curious Mila dies to know the world, and not only fulfill her role as princess, as her father prefers. In this search escapes from his castle, but soon is harassed by criminals and arrives for Ruslan the opportunity to prove his worth. The crush is immediate, but there is no evidence to overcome, as the king’s daughter is kidnapped by a powerful sorcerer, who locks her in a magical world as fascinating as it is dangerous.

Contrary to the yearnings of the characters, their fate is predictable and there are few surprises in this way of the hero. Splashed in different moments, some comic moments are distinguished in which contemporary elements are incorporated, such as a youth magazine aimed at modern Lion princesses, or a poster that announces Ruslan’s show as stand-up advertising. These moments come to remember the freshness and self-control that once surprised Shrek (which also alludes to the character of a tender and fierce cat) but are just a few sparks. This is presented in an efficient, luminous and well-achieved 3D animation, which nonetheless refers to the style of the most recent Disney princesses. A battle with furious cupcakes and the dazzling arrival to the magical world are a display of creativity and dexterity that enjoy and realize the potential locked in the tape.

Duration: 85 min


IMDb: 6.3

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The Stolen Princess
The Stolen Princess