The Perception
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The Perception

Fear is one hell of a motivator. We’ve seen it result in some of the most deplorable acts throughout history, and it will continue to plague our species so long as we exist. If you’ve followed either of the Kryptonian’s stories over the years, you know the answer to combat that fear is “hope”. Some may find that answer rooted in ideals and dreams rather than action, or that the hope Supergirl and her cousin bring is manufactured in comic book fantasy. To an extent, they’re right. Captain Marvel But fear is nothing more than an idea itself, so why can’t it be combatted with another?

This season of Supergirl has been both clever and calculated from the start. The writers knew exactly what they wanted to take on, and have done so The Last Laugh with care in each episode. “Parasite Lost” tackles the most difficult topic yet: acting as a moderator amidst humanitarian crisis. Fear runs rampant among both human and alien communities. Someone has to bridge the divide, but how? How do you reach someone whose ideals disgust you on a fundamental level? How can you break through to someone who looks at those you love and refers to them as cockroaches? Someone who tells them the way that they love is wrong, or that the person you love deserves to live less than them because of where they were born?

This episode is broken into two plots: Parasite is loose again by way of Agent Jensen, and saving the life of an alien healer named Amadei. With Parasite free, Supergirl is benched. But, instead of having Kara stomp her foot and insist that she can help as Supergirl, she decides to use her other superpower instead. Reporter Kara Danvers is on the scene, and she’s landed an interview Hearts Beat Loud with an alien who’s refused interviews for over twenty years.

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The Perception
The Perception