The Laws of Thermodynamics
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The Laws of Thermodynamics

Having in recent years delivered a fine Western (Blackthorn) and a thoughtful sci-fier (Realive), former Alejandro Amenabar scripting collaborator Mateo Gil now gives romantic comedy a cerebral twist with the ambitious, playful and ultimately frustrating The Laws of Thermodynamics. The premise that these three immutable universal laws govern not only our physical world but our emotional life, too, is a neat one, but despite its initial promise, Laws fails to take imaginative flight.

Though it is intermittently witty, visually playful and laudable in its attempt to appeal to both head and heart, Laws abandons its characters to its big concept, and you have to wonder what a more perverse imagination, say that of Charlie Kaufman, would have made of it. Netflix has taken international SVOD rights, with non-Spanish availability slated for Aug. 10.

Insecure trainee astrophysicist Manel (Vito Sanz) is the teaching assistant to Profesor Amat (Josep Maria Pou), a friend of the altogether more confident and attractive Pablo (Chino Darin, the son of Roberto, Argentina’s highest-profile actor) and the boyfriend of Raquel (Irene Escolar). Manel is an engaging enough nerd who tends to take over conversations by spouting astrophysics to people — particularly to Elena (Berta Vazquez), a model with actress ambitions for whom he dumps Raquel early on. Newton’s force of attraction is only the first of the multiple connections that Manel will find.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 5.9

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The Laws of Thermodynamics
The Laws of Thermodynamics
The Laws of Thermodynamics