The Grudge
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The Grudge

The Grudge Following the growing trend of new versions of horror films, next year Sony will present the remake of The Grudge, the homonymous film of 2004 based on the Japanese film Ju-on.

The new version of The Grudge that will be directed by Nicolas Pesce and starring Lin Shaye BrightBurn (Insidious) and although it will have nothing to do with the Hollywood trilogy, part of its history begins to reveal thanks to the new photos published by the account official Instagram of the movie.

For example, the most recent publication of the account calls its followers to “close their doors tonight,” which in the light of any of the previous films, and actually any horror film, is useless.

The filming of the reboot of the well-known horror trilogy The Grudge (here called The Scream) has begun. Shoplifters In order to differentiate the film from the originals it has been decided to change the title. Or rather simplify it, since they will withdraw the “The” and will become simply Grudge, whose meaning in Spanish is resentment. It is not yet known if the name will be changed in Spain and will be called Rencor or if it will collect the title of the original Japanese Polaroid film on which it was based, Ju-on (distributed in Spain under the title of The Curse).

In the original Japanese film The Curse the story was about a young man who was in charge of an old woman Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in a house in which strange phenomena happen and who one day discovers a mysterious child who will not stop tormenting the old woman. The story of The Scream was quite similar, replacing the young man with a college student (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) and the boy with a young girl.

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