The Debt Collector
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The Debt Collector

Disseminated by the footage of The Debt Collector, a succession of documentary images of cows appear, in slow procession from the Everybody Wants Some pasture towards the slaughterhouse. The occasional spectator will find it hard to shepherd these unexpected bovine metaphors in such a prosaic film, which would once be used as a videoclub carnival. But no matter how much such a resource generates some relocation, its inclusion denotes not only the pretension to transcend the mass that swells the low-budget action, but also a non-condescending look at the genre itself and its Herculean myths.

Its director, Jesse V. Johnson, knows these plains well. Specialist before director, is nephew of the legendary Vic Armstrong, with half Suspiria a century of dangerous scenes behind him, giving his face and body where Harrison Ford (who dubbed more than a dozen times) or the James Bond turn They could not or were not allowed to arrive.

Under his tutelage he acquired gallons in the business of flatbreaking, to then begin his progressive transition to the other side of The Favourite the camera, to graduate as a capable mercenary to frame the umpteenth katas of Don “The Dragon” Wilson or Dolph Lundgren.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 5.6

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The Debt Collector
The Debt Collector