The Aeronauts
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The Aeronauts

“The Aeronauts” is the film that marks the re-encounter of Oscar® winner Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones after their shocking performance in “Theory of Everything”. The artists play the young widow Amelia Wren and the scientist James Glaisher who decide to achieve Five Feet Apart a new record by trying to reach the highest possible height by flying in a hot air balloon.

The film directed by Tom Harper has presented the first image of the shoot in which we see the expedition members mounted on a huge artifact looking for new challenges. As they rise, the air becomes thinner, there is less oxygen and survival is put at risk. In that immensity, the question about being will lead them to reflect on their lives.
The image is shocking. The film’s producer, Todd Lieberman, Avengers Endgame said in a press release: “This picture was taken after we launched Felicity and Eddie at 2000 feet tall performing their scene while a helicopter captured everything. the courage to do it since they give truth to our whole approach “.

“The Aeronauts” is inspired by a real story and The Lion King that is already a very attractive point for the public eager for adventure. We expect release date soon!

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