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Poms 2019 full plot For more than ten years he was the most respected, prestigious and valuable creator in the film industry. Inventor of modern superhero cinema, inveterate romantic, fanciful eccentric and risky like no other, saw how one day his ability to conquer leaped out the window. But Tim Burton has always refused to disappear.

Although it is true that due to his peculiar review of ‘The Planet of the Apes’ he lost a good part of his prestige, Kung Fu Panda 3 it is no less true that he has always known how to play in favor of the work. With its controversial adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ raised more than a billion dollars, so it is not uncommon for Disney to rely on his talent for the imminent adaptation of one of his most adorable animated classics, the story of the little one ‘Dumbo’ elephant inspired by the work of Helen Aberson.

Leaving the cynicism for another time, the same that during much of our conversion to veteran spectator Run the Race and movie buff convinced us that the director was nothing less than a failure that once had luck, we discovered over the years how Tm Burton he has become one of the most interesting filmmakers to whom to dedicate a retrospective.

The filmmaker has been faithful in diverse artistic relationships with regular collaborators that include names ranging from Vincent Price or Christopher Lee to Johnny Depp or Danny DeVito, as well as the deep imprint of his female characters, played by divas such as Christina Ricci, Lisa Marie or Eva Green

Another equally important aspect in his cinema is lighting, Dumbo where we find photographers of the likes of Ben Davis, Peter Sorg, Bruno Delbonnel, Dariusz Wolski, Philippe Rousselot or Stefan Czapsky, while Danny Elfman is synonymous with quality and the other registered trademark of the house. And now, we go with Tim Burton’s filmography in personal and rigorous order from worst to best. That is to say: in my opinion. That we know each other

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