No manches Frida 2
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No manches Frida 2

The “No Manches Frida 2”, the new film shot in Mexico by the Spanish director Nacho García Velilla, is now available, No manches Frida 2 a comedy that continues the conflictive relationship between a very special couple, a teacher and a thief, starring Omar Chaparro and Martha Higadera. The expected sequel will arrive on March 15 to the billboards of the United States and Mexico. The film promises to be a success, as was the first part.

Guiding us through the teaser, the video begins with the facade of the Frida Kahlo Institute, The Debt Collector followed by the protagonists leaving the building. Lucy (Martha Higadera) tells Zequi (Omar Chaparro): “The next time we come back here, I’ll be Mrs. Alcantara” and the wedding invitation of the couple appears in the foreground. Lucy reminds Zequi that he promised her he would not drink at the farewell and he raises his hand in an oath and says “Zequi’s word”. Afterwards, images of the bachelor parties of both appear: Lucy is talking to a friend about how much they are going to miss, while Zequi gets drunk partying and wakes up on the floor, full of confetti and with a snake at her side.

Lucy tells Zequi that it’s her fault for thinking that an irresponsible one like him could be her husband. Then there is a meeting of teachers where the director says that they will participate in an interscholastic competition. Zequi decides to sign up to prove to Lucy that he is not an irresponsible person. A sequence of images appears on the beach where the challenge and confrontations between the two institutes will take place. Mario (Aarón Díaz), the ex-boyfriend of Lucy who appears to Zequi in front of her, appears on stage.

While the professor makes a speech to his students about being responsible, fulfilling their promises and not partying, The Least of These images appear disobeying their rules and escaping to go out at night. Lucy asks for an appointment with her ex-boyfriend, Mario, in front of Zequi. Then the names of each of the main actors appear interspersing with images of the film where they leave.

Then there is an achievement of images of the tape where you can see how the Destroyer institutes train and how they discuss among themselves while images of the teacher with Mario and Zequi also appear. Fun scenes that end when Lucy’s two ex’s get trapped in a Volleyball network and Zequi tells him not to be angry that he loves social media. From the middle of the trailer, original music by singer Juanes appears.

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