Nightmare Cinema
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Nightmare Cinema

It finally started Macabre 2018, one of the most popular horror festivals in the country’s capital. And he did it with the premiere in Latin America of the Curse of the Nun anthological film Nightmare Cinema. The tape came creating expectations, especially to include shorts of two horror icons of the eighties: Joe Dante (Gremlins) and Mick Garris (Critters 2). However, the film is worth a small round gem, courtesy of filmmaker David Slade, who truly manages to disturb viewers with his short film.

Anthological films are often difficult to describe, we usually see good attempts at irregular jobs, or the change of style and rhythm between one narrative and another often prevents us from appreciating all work in its proper dimension. Nightmare Cinema does not escape this trend, Like Father and we see incredible works and others less surprising. However, none is bad, and all have interesting things that will appeal to lovers of the genre. Of course, the effort to serve as a tribute to the terror of the eighties is present from the beginning.

The film starts from a simple premise, there is a damn cinema that everyone who enters will receive as a reward to see the worst nightmare projected on the screen. As in the classic American Animals horror comics -Tales of the Crypt, The Vault of Horror or The House of Secrets-, the cursed cinema has a host, in this case it is “the projectionist” (which could well have been translated as “The cacaro”), a sinister character played by Mickey Rourke who is responsible for protecting the nightmares of visitors, and eventually end their lives. The projectionist is the thread between story and story and, similar to the Guardian of the Tales of the Crypt Crypt, usually closes the stories with a poisonous commentary.

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