Jusqu’ici tout va bien
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Jusqu’ici tout va bien

Stop the depressing clichés and welcome to invigorating laughter! So far so good Mohamed Hamidi sends a Parisian communication agency to settle in La Courneuve. The shock of cultures is beneficial for everyone in this comedy vitamin, public prize at the Alpe d’Huez Festival and co-produced by Jamel Debbouze.

Gilles Lellouche in charismatic advertising, Star Wars The Last Jedi Malik Bentalha as a clumsy but good-willed man, and Sabrina Ouazani as a former suburb are all excellent at winning the good mood. “So far so good is a response to the movies showing violence in the suburbs. I wanted to talk about another more optimistic reality, “says Mohamed Hamidi at 20 Minutes.

The founder of the Bondy Blog, who made his debut with La Vache and was born somewhere, knows his subject well. “We must not believe that all young people in the cities are delinquents, most would like to find a job and show up when they are recruited,” he says. The title of his film evokes a scene from The Hate when a man falling into the void whispers “So far so good” before crashing to the ground. “I did not think about it right away, but it is certain that Mathieu Kassovitz’s film had a major impact on the suburban representation in the cinema,” Aquaman says the director.

Among his bedside films, Mohamed Hamidi also quotes Chouf from Karim Dridi and Divines from Houda Benyamina. SpiderMan Homecoming “These are powerful works that I appreciate but I felt there was room for another way of seeing things,” he admits. So far so good is choosing a lighter tone how trainees cities, recruited to avoid a tax adjustment, prove not only very successful but also excellent comrades work. “I may be naive, but I would like the viewers of my film to reflect on the myth that some media are hammering on suburban residents. “

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