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The end of the second season of «Westworld» is just around the corner and the creators of the fiction, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, wanted to share it with a reserved group of spectators at the Ideal Cinema in Madrid. As you can imagine, this chapter will close “many of Mechanic Resurrection the questions that have been raised during this season, but will also add some new ones for the third installment,” explained Joy. And what will happen in that next installment? “They’re all going to die,” Nolan answered with a laugh.

More than one attendant begged to see the last episode again and make sure of what he had seen moments before. “I’m waiting for Reddit to tell me what this episode was about because I did not understand it,” Nolan joked. “I think I understand the story, but the good thing about Pete’s Dragon ‘Westworld’ is that I can understand it and write it one way, and the public finds another reading,” Joy said. This new release, which will arrive in a few days to HBO, will give us more information about how Dolores is or whether or not the Forge will really work, among many other issues.

The creators of «Westworld» have had to find a balance between giving answers and advancing the narrative. “It’s a simple thing when you do your first movie backwards (‘Memento’). Actually, I’ve been simplifying my things, “he added. Nolan and Joy wanted to highlight the work Gringo of the rest of the team, especially the assembly: “We had to find out how we could write something that would fit all this cast and that was not the worst. The assembly guys had to reduce the footage from 17 hours to 10; they even had to unfold a chapter in two, “the screenwriter said.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 6.3

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