Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy
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Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy

In January 2006, The New York Times published an article that confirmed all the suspicions of pop culture fans. JT Leroy, the alleged The Angel author of a 2000 cult novel called Sarah, never existed. The true person in charge of the book, Laura Albert, had invented an alter ego and during years it passed through her by means of telephone conversations with journalists and followers, maintaining a secret public identity. The desire for notoriety led Albert to ask his sister-in-law, of an androgynous aspect and with a physical resemblance to the existing illustrations of Leroy, to become her in the face of the gallery. Savannah Knoop pretends to be a cult writer until she starts to think that maybe she, and not Albert, is the true owner of Leroy’s identity. If history seems convoluted and improbable, it is because it is. Incredibly, it is also true. Two years after the release of the documentary Author: The JT Leroy Story, this legendary show business story will close the 43rd edition of the Toronto Festival with a key adaptation of fiction starring Laura Dern as Laura Albert and Kristen Stewart. skin of Savannah Knoop, whose memoirs have been the starting point of the film directed by Justin Kelly.

Jeremiah Terminator Leroy is a direct continuation to some of the themes that I Am Michael, the first feature as director of Kelly, already Peter Rabbit treated. In the drama of 2015, James Franco played a gay man who decides to leave his boyfriend overnight, suppress his sexual instincts, marry a woman and become a priest. On this occasion the identity is again at the center of the story, with a Laura Albert who is afraid that the world will not accept her own personality and a Savannah Knoop who has not yet found her place in the world.

Kristen Stewart, an atypical and unclassifiable Hollywood star who has broken the mold for the young actors of the future, is an inspired choice Blood Father to give life to Grant, a woman who faces her own crisis of gender and sexual identity while giving wings to the greatest deception of pop culture since Mili and Vanili. The impact of Laura Dern is lower in history (the focus of the documentary Author does fall on her character), but the actress has fun and steals each of her scenes with this woman devoured by her own ego and insecurities.

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