I Am Not an Easy Man
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I Am Not an Easy Man

“Set It Up” is a new Netflix Original romantic comedy written by Katie Silberman and directed by Claire Scanlon. But the expectation that a female-written, Peppermint female-directed effort would yield something refreshingly different is scotched within the first few minutes.

The movie’s opening montage depicts a view of today’s gig economy in New York City, specifically the sorry lot of the personal assistant. “I have a Death Wish master’s in sociology and nothing else to do today,” one such young person says into a phone as he is about to be put on hold. Big lights will inspire you, indeed.

Eventually the film alights on Harper, the personal assistant to an icy sports reporter and website master, Kirsten Stevens (Lucy Liu), and then on Charlie, the All About Nina assistant to a venture capitalist, Rick Owen (Taye Diggs, his inherent charisma subsumed in a truly nasty role).

Duration: 98 min


IMDb: 6.4

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I Am Not an Easy Man