Hunter Killer
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Hunter Killer

The huge success of ‘300’ seemed like it would make Gerard Butler a great action movie star, but his career never came as high as expected. Of course, work is Overlord  not missing and lately we have seen him on tapes like ‘Geostorm’ or ‘Game of thieves. The perfect robbery ‘and now remains attached to the genre with’ Hunter Killer ‘, a thriller that we can see his trailer.

‘Hunter Killer’ part of a novel by George Wallace and Don Keith that tells the story of the commander of an American submarine that is sent to Russian waters Monster Trucks with the mission of saving the Russian president with the help of the Navy Seals. And it is that the Soviet head of state has been kidnapped by a general who has initiated a coup d’etat.

It is curious that a film is now made with that argument given the peculiar relationship that unites Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, so we will have to see how the public responds. In his favor it has a stimulating cast that also includes Gary Oldman, Common, Toby Stephens, the sadly deceased Michael Nyqvist, Linda Cardellini, Caroline Goodall and Ryan McPartlin.

Donovan Marsh, responsible for titles such as ‘Spud’ or ‘iNumber Number’, is responsible for the staging, while Peter Craig and Jamie Moss have been commissioned to adapt The Snowman the original book to the big screen. On October 26 they will be able to verify the result in the United States. Unfortunately, there is still no release date for Spain.

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IMDb: 7.3

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Hunter Killer