Give Me Liberty
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Give Me Liberty

Give Me Liberty By presenting Give Me Liberty in Cannes, Kirill Mikhanovsky, seized by the excitement of unveiling his second feature film at the Directors’ Fortnight, Onward seemed unable to stop talking. And the turbulence that had been bothering the long-awaited Russo-American rhetoric, as if clinging to the microphone, was already announcing to the public the exuberance of the upcoming film, hurriedly fired at the American Midwest’s potholed, potholed roads. for spectators prone to motion sickness. Give Me Liberty ties in with Vic’s daily life, whose job is to drive a disabled van through the stinking suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Of course, in this flashy “feel good indie” program, an edifying horizon emerges: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker moral force of those who compose this convoy of broken jaws (grouse, mentally handicapped and other maladjusted) asserts itself from the first shots, just like the admirable abnegation of their driver (Chris Galust, same angel’s face as a River Phoenix). But what Mikhanovsky likes to film is the cacophony of languages, voices, situations.

Forced to jostle his schedule to escort his grandfather, suffering from Alzheimer’s, to a funeral, Bond 25 Vic finds himself flanked by a cumbersome spade-plate and a bunch of Russian grandmothers as sonorous as a chorus of the Red Army, to the chagrin of Tracy, one of her passengers (“Lolo” Spencer, warrior princess in a wheelchair, equipped with an afro sword and iroquoise). It is in this discordant fanfare that the charm of the film sets in, whose expansive and overflowing regime, which proceeds by piling up burlesque hazards, gives the impression of seeing Mikhanovsky strive to The Farewell tame the chaos at the same time as his protagonist.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 7.9

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