Doctor Sleep
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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep One of the best horror films in history is The Shining. After 39 years, we will finally know what happened to Danny after leaving the Overlook Hotel, thanks to the sequel to this story, Doctor Sleep.

The Shining was written in 1977 and immediately became a best seller. A film adaptation, released in 1980, did not fare so well at the box office or with criticism initially, but over the years it became a classic horror genre.

We still do not know if Doctor Sleep will be able to reach the expectations we have about her, Blood Fest but to warm up the engines, we leave you with 10 facts about this long awaited sequel to Stephen King:

Warner Bros began developing a film adaptation of Doctor Sleep since 2014. However, the project truly took off after the blockbuster It (Eso), another Stephen King adaptation.

The direction of this project is in charge of Mike Flanagan, director of The Curse of Hill House. After watching the Netflix horror story, The Kid Who Would Be King we can not think of anyone more suitable to give life to Stephen King’s universe.

Although the idea of ​​a sequel to El resplandor was already around the writer’s head, Annabelle Comes Home it was the fans who decided to make it specific. Stephen King did a poll on his official site asking his followers if his next book should be Doctor Sleep or a new installment of the Dark Tower saga. He won the first option, with a margin of 49 votes.

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