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Director’s Cut

Right, so here’s the pitch. Knocked Off is a crowd funded police thriller starring Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur and directed by Bleed for This Adam Rifkin and is about a killer who mimics other killers from the past and these cops are trying to work out who did it. Director’s Cut, the film this reviewer is trying to explain and the film you’re actually watching, is the alternative cut made by one of its backers; a mild mannered man named Herbert Blount, played by Penn Jillette, who thinks of himself as a filmmaker and a better director than Rifkin and was upset at the final product. But it’s not just his alternative cut we’re watching – with more added Missi Pyle – its comes with director’s commentary featuring Blount explaining his edit and why it is the way it is. Still with us? Tremendous.

Director’s Cut was a actually crowdfunded project, but the film only rarely uses that as a cheap gag despite it being part of its set-up. Penn’s Herbert often notes that he has certain privileges while on set and how being an “executive producer” on the movie makes him a bigger fan than anyone else. In the opening scenes Herbert points Personal Shopper out all of the backers who purchased walk on roles, and there’s a sequence later on where backers practice the lines they get handed out for a scene that would eventually be cut.

But unlike some other films that would chose to parody crowdsourced movies, this is the movie’s only gag. Director’s Cut is rife with humour, both visual and audio. Jillette’s commentary on the film is outstanding, and made only better by his inane thoughts on how films should be put together in general or pointing out continuity gaffs. He feels like a YouTuber passing comment on a film even though they’ve never worked on one in their whole lives. It’s an inspired script. Knocked Off feels like a real film, even though Two Is a Family clearly a parody of cop thrillers, and so Herbet’s alternative version with commentary feels genuine. A lot of films claim to be clever, but Director’s Cut really is.

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Director’s Cut