Die Goldfische
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Die Goldfische

In dealing with disabled people, many turn out to be unsure to jangle and this awkwardness can be perfectly used as a basis for a comedy. For example, the French directors Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern have themselves set themselves in wheelchairs in “Aaltra”, in order to go to hell as real assholes of their environment – of course largely unchallenged, because few dare, a disabled person in his To deny barriers.

In a similar direction now goes “The Goldfish”, which has significantly less bite, but significantly more heart. However, Detroit the movie debut of director Alireza Golafshan takes a while to get the comedy going. Especially in the second half, then, it’s the interplay of the outstanding cast that ultimately inspires.

Portfolio manager Oliver (Tom Schilling) only knows his job. This does not change, as he caused a serious car accident and then paraplegic sitting in a wheelchair. Fyre Even in the rehab clinic, he is only interested in where the best Wi-Fi is available to continue working. So he finally ends up in the disabled WG “goldfish group”.

The blind cynic Magda (Birgit Minichmayr), the autistic “Rainman” (Axel Stein) and Michi (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) and the joyful Franzi (Luisa Wöllisch ) with Down syndrome. When Oliver learns that the authorities have gotten wind of his lockers with cash cash in Switzerland, he surrenders to himself as a benefactor who donates a camel therapy in Switzerland to the goldfish group. In truth, he just wants to smuggle his coal across the border, because who controls a bus full of disabled people.

The fact that the trip to Switzerland is not as smooth as Oliver imagines, Run the Race should not really surprise anyone. And indeed, from the moment that everything starts to get out of hand and the chaos unfolds its way, the movie is a lot of fun, with lots of love for the characters and a whole range of first-class moments.

Until then, though, it’s a pretty bumpy and unnecessarily long road. The introduction of Oliver as a pure egoist who even strangles his mother on the phone while he is impatiently stuck in traffic is extremely flattened. This scene is still undercut by the later visit of Oliver’s colleague Julius (embodied by the misplaced moderator Klaas Heufer circulation) in the WG. Hellboy This moment is probably intended to illustrate the awkwardness of dealing with people with disabilities, but it is so stiff that it loses any naturalness. And why is the visit to the completely white bank locker area in Switzerland staged as a great reminiscence of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”? That might have sounded like a good idea on paper, but tonal miles away from the rest of the movie.

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