Come Sunday
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Come Sunday

The words don’t come naturally out of his The Marine 6: Close Quarters mouth, which is surprising because – for the bishop – that’s all words usually do.

“I’m an atheist who is a theist,” he chuckles. “I Jason Bourne still believe in God but not ‘a’ God or ‘the’ God. Just God.

It’s been a long journey for Bishop Carlton Pearson, once a shining star in the Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian world who was cast out as a pariah when he began Mechanic Resurrection preaching a radically new message: inclusion. The message cost him most of his flock, his Tulsa megachurch, lifelong friends and family, and millions of dollars in earnings – but the bishop never turned away from what was, to him, a revelation from God: hell is what humans create for themselves on earth, heaven is for all. A part of that journey is captured in the Netflix film Come Sunday, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, premiering on 13 April.

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IMDb: 5.8

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Come Sunday