Bond 25
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Bond 25

Bond 25 The new film of the legendary 007, the British secret agent with license to kill invented by Ian Fleming, is becoming a real hell for all the members of the recording. And there have been so many setbacks in Bond 25 since it began shooting that the pace that is going to become a miracle to finish shooting.

The thing already started dubbed when the original director of the film, Danny Boyle, was fired for his disagreements with Daniel Craig, the film’s main actor, Rambo 5 Last Blood forgetting a bit of these disagreements, access the online lottery promos. However, the new director Cary Fukunaga has not found a better picture at all. Dwarfs are growing everywhere.

One of the biggest problems that the director and the entire recording team are finding is that the two protagonists, the hero and the villain, can not shoot together because of calendars.

An injury to the ankle of Daniel Craig shooting a high-risk scene in Jamaica, delayed so much filming that ended up unraveling the calendars of Craig himself and Rami Malek, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor who gives life to the villain of the plot. So much so that shooting their scenes together in Bond 25 is turning into a real chimera.

As if it were a gaffe on this film, the studio where part of the film is being shot suffered an explosion. The Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire suffered serious damage after this serious incident, which has caused the film to suffer another break in its original end of filming date.

The Bond 25 film was scheduled to finish filming in September, Paradise Hills but apparently, it will stretch until November or December after the dismissal of the original director, Craig’s injury, the calendars problems of the main actors that prevents them from recording together and the explosion suffered in the recording studio of the tape. Too many problems so that everything follows its normal course.

And that being optimistic because the problem of Craig and Malek is still to be solved by the different commitments of both actors. “You can not make a Bond movie in which you do not Domino face the villain face to face, it’s a real logistical problem” has come to admit from filming sources, desperate at this atypical situation.

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