A Night to Regret
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A Night to Regret

At first blush, Tully seems like a defiantly low-concept dramedy. Directed by Jason Reitman and scripted by Diablo Cody, the film tracks exhausted mom Marlo (Charlize Theron), Black Tide who was already struggling to handle two kids and begins to lose her tether after the birth of her third. Salvation arrives in the form of night nurse Tully (Mackenzie Davis), a sweet, bohemian 20-something who takes care of the baby when Marlo needs to catch up on sleep. Eventually, Tully starts to take care of Marlo, too: She’s a sounding board for Marlo’s frustrations about where her life has gone, and Tully has so much positivity to spare that her outlook on life begins to improve Marlo’s.

That would be enough of a plot to sustain this well-written film, but the third act throws us a curveball: Tully’s a Tyler Durden! The night nurse was never really there; Iceman 2 instead, Tully was the manifestation of Marlo’s younger self, envisioned in exhaustion. It’s the rare twist ending that actually deepens the themes of the movie instead of serving as a hollow trick. As you go back over the scenes you’ve watched, seeing them through this new lens, you realize that Marlo was dealing with so much more than she had let on: In addition to the fatigue and fear she’s feeling as a mother, she’s been struggling to reconcile the carefree girl she used to be with the woman she’s become.

Recently in Los Angeles, Theron and Davis sat down with Vulture to The Padre discuss the twist, and how much it mattered to them.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 5.7

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A Night to Regret