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Alterscape” takes us back to the nostalgic decade of original and thought provoking storytelling with practical visual effects. Michael Ironside (“Scanners”, “Total Recall”), the epitome of 1980s sci-fi and horror genres, stars alongside Charles Baker (“Splinter”, “Breaking Bad”). A film that encompasses many of the aesthetic, craftsmanship and storytelling qualities that have been steadily weathering away by the digital revolution and fast-pace story arcs.

Serge Levin’s retro set design fused with practical gore visuals, will definitely stir up nostalgia and that acute feeling in one’s stomach when the imagery feels Bird Box all too real. The immersion into the world of “Alterscape” is purposely gradual, with multiple subplots emerging to progressively reveal an even more complex and even sinister finale. Ironside delivers his usual bigger-than-life persona, as his deep voice emits tremors in every scene. Baker’s performance shines having to portray pretty much every emotion one can think of.

Speaking of emotions, that’s “Alterscape’s” main theme. Where do emotions come from? Are they a reflection of our mind and soul or simply a byproduct of our neurochemistry? Levin never sides with any of the hypothesized explanations, rather capitalizes on the mysteries and controversies surrounding affective Science – the study of emotions.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 6.9

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