Alex Strangelove
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Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove ‘has everything you need a classic’ teen ‘comedy: a protagonist with an internal conflict, delirious secondary, Maudie a very crazy party at home, a romantic interest (or several), a few stereotypes of American institute, parents almost non-existent and an apotheosis final dance in the gym. The only difference with all its precedents, from John Hughes to the saga of ‘Giving the note’? Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) is gay. But he does not know yet. On this confusion the new original Netflix production, written and directed by Craig Johnson, is constructed, which presents itself as a fresh and modern ‘coming-of-age’ about a teenage beyond heteronormativity.

Alex is that kind of person who can not live without his Google Calendar. The one that hyperventilates when it has to do something Lion spontaneous and that does not understand life without certainty. However, you will soon learn that there is no age more uncertain than that of adolescence, or a space more confusing than that of one’s own sexuality. The character played by a very natural Doheny turned his best friend into his girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the expectation of their first sexual encounter – in which he is going to lose his virginity – has turned his world upside down. The nerves attack him in the form of hallucinations in the middle of class and dreams with cold sweats, but it is not inexperience that disturbs him most: it is the appearance of Elliott (Antonio Marziale), an openly gay boy with whom he shares a connection outside of the common and a sexual attraction that, of course, you do not experience with your partner. Johnson succeeds in portraying a deeply imperfect and confusing protagonist, and accompanies him honestly in his personal self-discovery, fleeing as much as possible from binary and predictable behavior. Above all, he is not afraid to put on the table, and in a serious and discontented way, concepts that increasingly occupy more space in our contemporary society. Or how many teen movies have you heard the words ‘bisexual’ or ‘polyamory’?

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 6.4

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Alex Strangelove
Alex Strangelove