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Those who work hard in Africa are the women. But according to ancient wisdom, the man is the undisputed boss of the family. African The Little Stranger societies are still patriarchal. Men have always had more rights and privileges than women. But women master the daily struggle for survival. Agriculture is largely in the hands of women. 80 percent of the food in Africa is unpaid – for its own use – produced by women, yet they own less than 10 percent of the fields. When these women come back from the field, they collect firewood, go far ways to fetch water, cook food, sweep the house and yard, and educate the children.

World Bank studies have shown that women in rural Senegal, Mozambique and Uganda spend an average of 16 hours a week on water alone. Other studies show that sub-Saharan women transport more on their heads than they would transport in vehicles during White Boy Rick the same period. Often women do not have the simplest equipment, such as wheelbarrows or flour mills, which would save them time and tedious drudgery.

For example, the exhausting wet rice cultivation in West Africa is a woman’s business. But the lack of access to land and inheritance and credit, as well as the existing marriage and family law inhibit the economic opportunities of women. In most African countries Paddington 2 there is still a lack of equal and fair participation of women in political and economic decision-making and distribution processes.

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