22 Chaser
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22 Chaser

Produced at the Canadian Film Centre, Rafal Sokolowski’s 22 Chaser is a great-looking, entirely respectable first feature. It’s not nearly Zoolander 2 as compelling as it wants to be, but it’s always watchable. So that’s nice.

Sense8’s Brian J. Smith plays Ben, a financially strapped tow-truck driver struggling under the limitations of by-law duty; he’s limited to picking up cars that are illegally parked, while the real money is made by “chasers” who show up at accident The Mummy scenes to offer emergency assistance – and to recommend body shops and physiotherapists to their distressed clients for a kickback.

With a wife (Tiio Horn) who dreams of opening a restaurant and a son (Jack Fulton) who wants a $300 bike for his birthday, Ben is desperate Flower to earn more money, and prone to making bad decisions. And when he lets his buddy (Aaron Ashmore) connect him with a loan shark (Aidan Devine), Ben’s life quickly becomes a waking nightmare.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 5.9

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22 Chaser